Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Beginnings

After a very long, very trying, and ultimately very frustrating year, I have made the decision to leave my job.  Not forever, but with 3 children and a house that is still not quite finished, we were running short of time.  Time for the family, time to relax and time to be ourselves.  I had become lost in trying to keep up with everything that needed to be done, my family and I were struggling in everyday life, and we all felt that we had lost a little bit of the glue that sticks us together.  After a very busy period at work, that was showing no signs of relenting, I eventually decided to give up something that had been very important to me.

I have been training or working in engineering consultancy for half my life, which makes it a very hard decision.  I had reached the point where I had become defined by my job, and had lost a great deal of what makes me, me.  I am eternally grateful that my husband agreed with me, and together we are starting this new chapter in our lives.

So, here I am - back to blogging.  This is one of the things that I have definitely missed doing - writing about my crafting, home experiments and running.  And of course, the ever long battle against the custard creams!  I hope you would like to join me on my journey and see where I go with being a stay at home parent, while we create a new normal for our family.

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